This post shows an overview of the Prescott Area in Yavapai County, Arizona. We have lately been referred to as the “Quad Cities” of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt. The yellow in the map below shows how little of the land in the Prescott area is private.

Overview of the Prescott Area

Overview of the Prescott Area

Notice that Prescott is bounded on the south and west by the Prescott National Forest, shown on this map in the green area. Also of considerable importance are the blue squares. These indicate full sections (one mile on a side for one square mile) that is Arizona State Trust Land. This land is, for all practical purposes, open space. The Prescott Area is blessed to have vast expanses of open space. Indeed, there is so much open space in the form of public lands that there is only a precious amount of privately-owned land. The small orange area in Prescott is the Yavapai Apache Indian Reservation which is complete with the Prescott Resort and Casino.

The Prescott Area of Yavapai County is a most desirable place in which to live. With FIVE seasons at an elevation of around 5,300 feet, we believe Prescott has the absolute best weather of any place in the world. Read more about the climate in Prescott.

Two main highways pass through the area, Arizona Highway 89 comes from the south at Wickenberg passing through Congress and Wilhoit on it’s very winding way into Prescott where it becomes White Spar Road. As it runs north from Prescott, it goes through Chino Valley, and Paulden on its way to Ash Fork in northern Yavapai County.

Arizona Highway 69 brings traffic to Prescott from Phoenix and points south from Interstate Highway 17 at Cordes Junction. From Cordes Junction it passes by the town of Spring Valley, through the town of Mayer and then to Dewey-Humboldt.

Two other highways are important to the area. These are Arizona Highway 169 which runs easterly from Dewey to Interstate 17. Arizona Highway 89A is the way to go to Jerome, Cottonwood and Sedona over a very winding and scenic road over Mingus Mountain through another portion of The Prescott National Forest.

At the far left edge of the map, there is Yavapai County Road 5 which is also known as Williamson Valley Road. This road starts at Iron Springs Road and runs north for around 72 miles to the town of Seligman, Arizona. This road provides access to some of the most beautiful countryside in the area, passing by Granite Mountain National Monument.