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Recreation and Ponderosa Pine Areas Near Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona 86303

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In the Prescott Area MLS there is a designation for “Recreation and Pines Areas.” These are areas adjacent to and surrounded by The Prescott National Forest. Almost all the areas that are included in these areas were old mining claims that were made before the Prescott National Forest was established. These areas are mostly steep mountainsides and are covered with Ponderosa Pine Trees. The neighborhoods listed here are outside the city limits of Prescott but within the boundary of Yavapai County.

  • Breezy Pines (680)  Breezy pines is most easily accessed from Poland Junction southeast of Prescott.
  • Groom Creek (650)  Groom Creek is another area that was settled early on mining claims and homesteads. Senator Highway was the old stage line that went to Phoenix via Crown King. Senator Highway starts in Prescott as Mt. Vernon Street. Spruce Mountain is on the east side of Groom Creek. It separates Walker from Groom Creek and also has mining claims that are now homesites in the neighborhood of Spruce Mountain Club.
  • Highland Pines (610)  This neighborhood is west of Prescott and is accessed by taking Iron Springs road westerly to a south turn on Skyview Road.
  • Oak Knoll Village (670)  Oak Knoll Village is a small development that is east of Senator Highway on the way to Groom Creek.
  • Ponderosa Park (660)  Ponderosa Park is located south of Prescott off Highway 89. Ponderosa Road is the main road into Ponderosa Park. This road is paved, but most of the roads inside Ponderosa park are dirt roads.
  • Potato Patch and Mountain Pine Acres (630) – Potato Patch is “on the other side” of Walker around 4 miles past the end of the pavement  at the “140 Mailboxes.”
  • Millsite Village aka Walker (640) Access to Walker is by Walker Road which runs south from Highway 69 near Costco. The gold that was found in Walker was the beginning of establishing Prescott.  Read more about Walker here. 

140 Mailboxes at the end of the pavement in WalkerThis photo was taken at the corner of Pine Mountain and Sheldon Roads. The name is “140 mailboxes” but I never counted the mailboxes. This intersection is at the end of the pavement on Walker Road, approximately seven miles south of Highway 69 in Prescott, Arizona. This is as far as the mailman will go.

Another landmark in Walker is the intersection of Walker Road and Pink Car Road.

Walker Road at Pink Car Road




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