Here are my photos of Watson Lake. I sometimes get asked if there are any lots on the lakes. I don’t see any place to build here. The land surrounding Watson Lake is owned by the City of Prescott, so there is no land for sale here.

Across Watson Lake North of Prescott

The photo above is looking across Watson Lake showing Glassford Hill in the background. Glassford Hill is an extinct volcano. Of course, Granite Dells are of volcanic origin, as well.


View of Watson Lake Across Highway 89

This photo was taken from a hill across Highway 89. The only boat dock is slightly visible near the lower right side of the photo. Glassford Hill is visible in the distance. On a clear day the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff can be seen from high ground.

 Across Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

This photo shows the ruggedness of the rock outcroppings surrounding and in the middle of Watson Lake. The gray rocks indicate that the water level is sometiimes higher than it was when I took the picture.

View of Watson Lake from the Peavine Trail

This view was taken near sunset from the Peavine Trail. This is one of the most scenic of the many trails near Prescott. It follows the path of the old Peavine Railroad that served Prescott a few years ago.


This is an aerial view of Watson Lake

This is an aerial view of Watson Lake. The Peavine Trail runs along the east side of the lake. The previous photo was taken from the point where the lake is close to the trail.

A bald eagle was released at Watson Lake. See the article and photos here.