Lynx Lake is one of the largest and most popular lakes in the Prescott Area.

Lynx Lake Recreation Area, Prescott

This photo was taken from the Overlook near the Lynx Lake Cafe. There is a nice hiking trail that runs all the way around the lake. This trail is often close on the east side to protect Bald Eagles that nsometimes nest there.


Welcome Sign Lynx Lake Prescott

Here is the “Welcome” sign at Lynx Lake. Note that Lynx Lake was built by the Fish and Game Department using fishing license money. I think this lake is the best fishing in the Prescott Area. It also has campgrounds administered by the US Forest Service, Prescott National Forest.


Aerial view of Lynx Lake

Here is an aerial view of Lynx Lake. It is located south of Highway 69 in Prescott on Walker Road. Notice that this view shows roads in the lower Lynx Lake Campground and a portion of the roads in the upper campground.

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