Granite Basin Lake is located about 15 minutes from Prescott, in North Central Arizona. Located in the Prescott National Forest, it is adjacent to the Granite Mountain Wilderness Area. Construction begain on the dam in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps and was completed in 1939.

The Raft, a segment of the movie Creepshow 2, was filmed here.

Granite Basin Lake in Prescott National Forest near Prescott, Arizona

Granite Basin Lake is the headwaters of Mint Wash which flows around the east side of Granite Mountain. There are some excellent trails in the area.

This little lake is little known but quite a gem. It is the starting point for a magnificent hiking trail that leads to the crest of Granite Mountain. It also feeds Mint Wash. There are several mostly equestrian trails that lead northward along Mint Wash on the east side of Granite Mountain.

Here are some photos of Granite Basin Lake.

Granite Basin Lake at the foot of Granite Mountain

This view is looking directly across the biggest part of the lake to the west.


West Side of Granite Basin Lake

This photo is looking north along the west shore of Granite Basin Lake.

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