walker01Walker, Arizona is an old mining community south of COSTCO at Highway 69 in Prescott, Arizona. There is a plaque in Walker with the following inscription:

“This town site was named after Capt. Joseph R. Walker who discovered gold here  in 1863.  At the peak of activity, the town had a population of 3,000.”

The “town” of Walker lies on either side of Lynx Creek. Water from Lynx Creek flows through the town then through Lynx Lake, then to Fain Lake in Prescott Valley and finally into the Agua Fria River near Dewey, Arizona. Gold was found throughout the Lynx Creekbed.

140 Mailboxes at the end of the pavement in Walker

This photo was taken at the corner of Pine Mountain and Sheldon Roads. The name is “140 mailboxes” but I never counted the mailboxes. This intersection is at the end of the pavement, nearly eight miles south of Highway 69 in Prescott, Arizona. This is as far as the mailman will go.

Another landmark in Walker is the intersection of Walker Road and Pink Car Road.

Walker Road at Pink Car Road

The area around Walker is mostly in the Prescott National Forest. However, the area was first claimed by the mining claims.

Mining Claims in Walker near Prescott, Arizona

The land in the Prescott National Forest are shown light blue on this map. Notice the helter-skelter positioning of the mining claims shown in white. The claims were made in locations where the prospectors found or thought they could find gold. Many of them overlap considerably.

The mining claims have been reclaimed as homesites which are predominately getaway cabins, although some are year-around residences.

There are several websites with more information about Walker.  This one is the Walker Community Website set up by the Walker Fire Protection Association.