John Mosier Realtor

John Mosier Realtor “Prescott’s Land Man”

I am known as “the REALTOR who does his homework.” I have earned my living in engineering, research and development and computers for more than 40 years. I apply my experience in consulting and marketing Real Estate in Arizona and specifically in the Prescott area and Yavapai County. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, I’m the real estate agent you need.

I have the best tools and training to get the job done. I have a hobby of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which I apply to locating and presenting properties. I also like maps and have a collection of them to use in locating and evaluating properties. These are especially useful in finding properties that are adjacent to The Prescott National Forest, BLM Land, or Arizona State Land.

I pride myself in doing my homework, whether it is for you, the Buyer needing the best advice and council on getting what you want at the best price, or you, the Seller, wanting or needing to get your property sold.

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